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Quarter Horse Jewelry

Quarter Horse Jewelry


American Quarter Horse is speedy at maneuvers required in reining, cutting, working cow horse, barrel racing, roping, especially those involving live cattle.

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JET3119CO Quarter Horse Pendant Sterling Silver
"Quarter Horse Pendant in Sterling Silver"

Price: $124.00

JET3119P Paint Horse Pendant
Also Available in Sliver
"Paint Horse"

Price: $924.00

JET3124 Quarter Horse Pendant Gold
Also Available in Sliver
Quarter Horse Pendant

Price: $892.00

JET3138COGSS Quarter Horse Pendant

Price: $224.00

JET3138COSS Quarter Horse Pendant With Rider
"Quarter Horse Pendant with Rider"

Price: $182.00

JET3210SS Quarter Horse Head Pendant
"Quarter Horse Head Pendant"

Price: $206.00

JET3527A_B 14kt Yellow Gold Mare and Foal Pendant
Also Available in Sliver
"Mare and Foal Pendant"

Price: $1094.00

JET3766 Tiny Horsehead Earrings
Also Available in Sliver
"Tiny Horse Head Earrings"

Price: $216.00

JET3917SS Horse Head Pendant
"Horse Head Pendant"

Price: $87.00

JET3967 14kt Yellow Gold Quarter Horse Pendant
Also Available in Sliver
"Quarter Horse Pendant"

Price: $254.00

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