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JM001 Sapphire and Diamond Cross
"Sapphire and Diamond Cross"

Price: $1492.00

JM0014 Diamond Horseshoe Trail Pendant
"Diamond Horseshoe Trail Pendant"

Price: $2665.00

JM528/JET3116SS Arabian Foal In Circle Pendant
Arabian Foal in Circle Pendant

Price: $173.00

JM553SS Simple Elegance Pendant
"Simple Elegance"

Price: $91.00

JM570SS Elegant Horse Head Silhouette Pendant
Elegant Horse Head Silhouette Pendant

Price: $110.00

JM584SS Polly Paintbrush Stunning Design
Stunning Polly Paintbrush Head with Birthstone

Price: $156.00

JM605SS Sterling Silver Protect this Rider Pendant
"Protect This Rider Pendant"

Price: $168.00

JM660/JM528SS 14kt Gold Horse Head in Sterling Silver Hammered Circle

Price: $444.00

JM660SSSYN Small Sterling Silver Polly Head Pendant With Synthetic Stone

Price: $76.00

JM694SS Sterling Silver Draft Horse Tag Pendant

Price: $168.00

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