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Moss Agate Saddlebred Pendant

Moss Agate Saddlebred Pendant

Custom Moss Agate Saddlebred Pendant

**Sold, not in inventory**

Introducing one of kind designs for our new line of "Natural Elements" jewelry. Each design is hand made to accompany Mother Nature's masterpieces. Have Jason build your masterpiece today.

Genuine Moss Agate stone accompanied by a beautiful 5 gaited Saddlebred custom made from sterling silver. Each design is hand crafted and true one of a kind masterpeices. Impossible to duplicate. These moss agates are from thundereggs hand dug in Madras,Or. Thundereggs are a type of agate that instead of being formed in seams or pockets are formed in a Rhyolite Matrix. The agate fills in the center of the matrix and forms an "egg". When the egg is cut the agate center is revealed.

Dimensions: 17mm x 24mm Moss Agate Stone (mined in the USA)


These timeless treasures are first come first serve. You may order your pendant today. There will be slight variations between stones because it is impossible to duplicate. Making each setting truly one of a kind.

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