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Ridge Back Pendant

Ridge Back Pendant

A ferocious hunter and a gentle friend


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strikingly handsome, strong, and muscular hunter. They are not for the inexperienced owner, they offer a challange being somewhat stubborn, sometimes intelligent to a fault, strong-willed, all the while exceptionally clever. Sometimes it seems they are the judge and the jury, deciding whether your corrections are fair and justified. But a well trained Ridgeback is most brave, loyal, loving, dedicated and even calmy gentle. A well cared for Ridgeback is utterly rewarding, and worth every ounce of effort. So you deserve it, reward yourself with this unique pendant. Ideal for a necklace, lapel pin or tie tack. Try it on with one of our lifetime garunteed chains.

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JET3449Ridge Back Pendant$1823.00

JET3449SSRidge Back Pendant - Sterling Silver$244.00
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