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Horseshoe Jewelry

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Horseshoes on the Heart Pendant with Birthstone - Sterling Silver
JM588SS Horseshoes on the Heart Pendant with Birthstone

Price: $76.00

Interlocking Horseshoe Ring
"Overlapping Horse Shoe Ring"

Price: $1025.00 §

JET3067CZ Horseshoe Cross Pendant
"Horseshoe Cross Pendant"

Price: $1492.00

JET3194D Horseshoe Pendant
Horseshoe Enhancer

Price: $487.00

JET3223_3572N Draft Horse Necklace
"Draft Horse Necklace"

Price: $1168.00

JET3368 Scotch Bottom Horse Shoe Earrings
"Scotch Bottom Horse Shoe Earrings"

Price: $453.00

JET3375SS Sterling Silver Saddlebred Horseshoe Pendant
"Saddlebred Horseshoe Slide in Sterling Silver"

Price: $103.00

JET3454 14kt Yellow Gold Draft Horse Driving Team Pendant
"Draft Horse Driving Team"

Price: $1135.00

JET3681 Horseshoe Bit Earrings
"Horseshoe Bit Earrings"

Price: $513.00

JM001 Diamond and Emerald Horseshoe Cross
14kt Yellow Gold Horseshoe on a 14kt White Gold cross filled with Diamonds and Emeralds

Price: $1835.00

§ Most Women's rings available in a standard size 7. Most Men's rings available in standard size 10. Additional charges may apply for additional sizing.

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