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Horseshoe Jewelry

Horseshoe Jewelry


Horseshoe jewelry ideal for every budget. All kinds of horseshoe designs available.

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14kt Yellow Gold Horseshoe Nose Ring
Horseshoe Nose Ring

Price: $50.00

14kt Yellow Gold Horseshoe Pendant with Nail Holes

Price: $122.00

Baguette Diamond Horseshoe Bracelet
"Baguette Horseshoe Bracelet"

Price: $12011.00

Bar Necklace with Stamped Horseshoe - Sterling Silver

Price: $226.00

Braided Band Horseshoe Ring
"Classic Horseshoe Ring with a Twist"

Price: $214.00 §

More Info
Brass Horseshoe Cross Keychain

Price: $24.00

Classic Horseshoe Earring Studs
Horseshoe Earring Studs

Price: $191.00

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Classic Horseshoe Necklace
"Gold Horseshoe Necklace"

Price: $456.00

Classy Diamond Horseshoe Necklace
"Diamond Horseshoe Necklace"

Price: $651.00

More Info
Connected Horseshoe Link Bracelet
"Locked Shoes Bracelet"

Price: $719.00

§ Most Women's rings available in a standard size 7. Most Men's rings available in standard size 10. Additional charges may apply for additional sizing.

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