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Canine Jewelry

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Poodle Pendant

Price: $1387.00
Sale Price: $1178.95

Pug Pendant
A lot of dog in a small space

Price: $800.00
Sale Price: $680.00

Ridge Back Pendant
A ferocious hunter and a gentle friend

Price: $1823.00
Sale Price: $1549.55

Rottweiler Pendant
A robust alert reliable guardian

Price: $1139.00
Sale Price: $968.15

Rottweiler Pendant
Three dimensional rottweiler pendant

Price: $551.00
Sale Price: $468.35

Saluki Pendant
The ancient and graceful sighthound

Price: $933.00
Sale Price: $793.05

Schnauzer Pendant
A noble and endlessly loyal companion

Price: $1311.00
Sale Price: $1114.35

Scottish Terrier Pendant
The brave dignified charming breed

Price: $1027.00
Sale Price: $872.95

Sterling Silver Dock Dog Necklace

Price: $306.00
Sale Price: $260.10

Tibetan Terrier Pendant
Tibetan Terrier Pendant

Price: $206.00
Sale Price: $175.10

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