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Canine Jewelry

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JET3449 Ridge Back Pendant
"Ridgeback Pendant"

Price: $1584.00

JET3471 Cocker Spaniel Pendant
"American Cocker Spaniel"

Price: $567.00

JET3482 American Eskimo Pendant
"American Eskimo Pendant"

Price: $842.00

JET3488 Maltese Pendant
"Maltese Pendant"

Price: $1105.00

JET3533 Poodle Pendant
"Poodle Pendant"

Price: $1205.00

JET3583 Scottish Terrier Pendant
"Scottish Terrier Pendant"

Price: $892.00

JET3639 Golden Retriever Pendant
Golden Retriever Pendant

Price: $808.00

JET3640 Tibetan Terrier Pendant
Tibetan Terrier Pendant

Price: $178.00

JET3646 Corgi Pendant
"Corgi Agility Pendant"

Price: $890.00

JET3651 Greyhound Pendant
Greyhound Pendant

Price: $890.00

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