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Cable Chains

Cable Chains

  Item # Product Name Price Qty

AA_CH10 .50mm 14kt yellow$85.00

BB_CH10 .50mm 14kt yellow$85.00

CC_CH466 lasered titan gold 1.5mm 14kt yellow$145.00

DD_CH465 lasered titan gold 1.5mm 14kt yellow$179.00

GG_CH123 diamond-cut 1mm 14kt yellow$225.00

HH_CH123 diamond-cut 1mm 14kt white$225.00

JJ_CH125 1.75mm 14kt yellow$675.00

KK_CH125 1.75mm 14kt white$675.00

LL_CH524 diamond-cut 2mm 14kt yellow$999.00

MM_CH525 diamond-cut 3mm 14kt yellow$1719.00
Custom/Special Requests:
Please use this area to include any customization or special requests such as ring size, stone settings, or the style of polish you prefer. Depending on the nature of your request, the price may be different than listed on our web site or electronic invoice. If this is the case, we will contact you before casting the piece and processing your order.

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