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The characteristics of the Arabian are captured in this collection beautifully. From the dished nose to flag like tail, the details of the breed that set it apart are what make our pieces recognizable to Arabian owners and lovers.

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Fancy Arabian Horse Pendant
Fancy Arabian Gelding Pendant

Price: $1398.00

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Arabian Head Bracelet
Kissing Arabian Horse Heads

Price: $2226.00

Arabian Horse Cuff Bracelet
Arabian Cuff

Price: $5887.00

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Arabian Horse Head Bracelet
"Arabian Head Bracelet"

Price: $3268.00

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Arabian Horse Head in Heart Pendant
"Horse Head in Heart Pendant"

Price: $88.00

Arabian Horse Head Silhouette Pendant
"Arabian Horse Head Silhouette Pendant"

Price: $146.00

Arabian Pendant
"Arabian Pendant"

Price: $871.00

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Classic Arabian Horse Head Earrings
"Arabian Horse Head Earrings in Sterling Silver"

Price: $181.00

Classic Arabian Horse Head Pendant
"Classic Arabian Head"

Price: $669.00

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Curvy Arabian Head Pendant
"Curvy Arabian Horse Head with Long Mane Pendant"

Price: $1251.00

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