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Handcrafted Equestrian Jewelry - From our Family to Yours
Rest in Peace Eddie Meador
Eddie D Meador passed on Labor Day. In his second life after a stellar career in professional football for the LA Rams for 12 years and real estate venture in Dallas, wanting to do something totally different, Eddie and his wife Annette Meador started The Gorgeous Horse in the late 80's and loved traveling to horse shows and selling custom made equestrian jewelry.
Settling in Virginia. He recruited his family to help with this venture two daughter inlaws and son inlaw, niece and nephew, and three grandkids the shop was built and we were off running around the country doing all kinds of horse shows. He was heavely favoured in the Arabian horse industry and slowly branched out to other breeds.
After some devestating set backs due to robberies and loss of my mother at a young age he always seem to get us back on the right track to stay in business and keep at it.
Grinding it out in the shop and working side by side with him pretty much my whole life has been one of my most cherished lessons from him. He had a simple philosphy, treat people right and do right by others, never give up and keep grinding it out.
I will continue his legacy as long as I can. Every piece I cast, stone I set, and piece polished I will be thinking of you always!!
Arabian Wild Flower Lapel Pin
Arabian Head Lapel Pin
Mare and Foal Pendant
Arabian Wild Flower Lapel PinArabian Head Lapel PinMare and Foal Pendant
Price: $118.00Price: $78.00Price: $1259.00
Fancy Arabian Horse Pendant
Diamond Arabian Pendant
Pure Elegance Arabian Pendant
Fancy Arabian Horse PendantDiamond Arabian PendantPure Elegance Arabian Pendant
Price: $1398.00Price: $8451.00Price: $731.00
Arabian Mare And Foal Pendant
Arabian Horse Head Silhouette Pendant
Western Arabian Horse Head Pendant
Arabian Mare And Foal PendantArabian Horse Head Silhouette PendantWestern Arabian Horse Head Pendant
Price: $139.00Price: $146.00Price: $265.00

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