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Handcrafted Equestrian Jewelry
Arabian Wild Flower Lapel Pin
Silver Split Cuff with Gold Hammered Horseshoe
Bit Lapel Pin
Arabian Wild Flower Lapel PinSilver Split Cuff with Gold Hammered HorseshoeBit Lapel Pin
Price: $118.00Price: $375.00Price: $65.00
Hammered Heart
Blue Ribbon Bangle
Eternity Running Horse Band
Hammered HeartBlue Ribbon BangleEternity Running Horse Band
Price: $1195.00Price: $375.00Price: $825.00
Horseshoe Earrings with Tanzanite
Diamond Horseshoe With Chain
Stamped Horseshoe Ring
Horseshoe Earrings with TanzaniteDiamond Horseshoe With ChainStamped Horseshoe Ring
Price: $253.00Price: $1695.00Price: $76.00

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